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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Product Review: b.liv Off With Those Heads

I may be selling i Nuovi's products but it doesn't mean that I do not have any other favorite. I do have other makeup favorite like...i do love MAC, Giorgio Armani, Bobbi Brown hmmm just to name a few but I don't like 'all' their range just few selected products that is actually suitable for me.

And today I thought of doing a product review on b.liv by Cellnique. I'm writing because I simply LOVE this product. While I surf around the net i get mix review on this product but for me I only have 1 opinion that is it is a great black head remover product...ok ok before you skeptics question me, just hear me out...
First of all when i use this product it didn't magically remove my blackheads, which when i first use this product i thought that its a disappointment but then... when i examine closely my pores (after an over night application) it seems that my pores are slightly enlarged and I noticed that my blackheads are almost on the tip of my pores so i gently pushes it and wallah...it came right off!!!

Its amazing, it came right off with out the 'extra' effort (we all know that black heads are stubborn and painful to rid off) and painless too so thats why I LOVE it!! After removing it cleanse it and apply toner and whatver skincare you have. Then you pores will be 'back to normal'...no worries your pores did not get any larger that it already is. ;)

Yes it does need a little work (no magic in puffing out the blackheads) but it is non the less effective blackhead remover. You can simply save a couple of hundreds of facial treatment with just this product and do you own facial at home....

My verdict in the nut shell:-

Would i buy again?:    YES definitely. 
Do i like it?  :   Isn't it obvious? I love it!
Does it work? : Hell yeah....though it does need some work but it still works
Whats the price? : its USD$49 Malaysian RM I'm not too sure but its not all cheap so that a bit of a downer
                            the bright side is that you only use just a tiny amount on the affected area... : -/
I think its available in selected Watson or Guardian ...