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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Inuovi’s Claim To Fame: Adam Lambert and his Glam Nation tour

Inuovi’s Claim To Fame:  I NUOVI PROFESSIONAL is one of the official make up sponsors for Adam Lambert and his Glam Nation tour
Inuovi’s makeup is making a splash in the Glam world and who is more Glamorous then our guy Adam Lambert? He can rock that eyeliner (even glitters) like no other. According to an article done by the painted ladies; Ask an Artist, Adam is a fun and out going person. He’s not afraid to express himself by bringing the Glam when it comes to makeup and its perfectly suited to his show called Glam Nation. Even his fans are as enthusiastic as him – they went to the show all dressed up in Glam & Glitters contributing to the ambiance of the show hence making it all fun for everyone.
Just for fun this is a random Adam's Glam Nation Tour Clip. But you can see that Glamorous Glitters...seriously who can rock that glitters like that?
Jeni Chu is the official makeup artist for his tour and she had to test and use several products to ensure that ‘the look’ stays on and rock as hard as Adam on stage. He had blue eyebrows, it looked fun and artistic, its not a surprise coming from someone with a theatrical background.
From Jeni Chua:

Here’s a look we did for the last night of the North American Glam Nation tour in Washington. Adam walked in that morning and said “Let’s do blue eyebrows tonight!”, I said “Yesss!”

Source at Painted Ladies HERE.
Here’s the list of what Jeni used for Adam’s look, notice that she used several Inuovi products? I personally not surprise that Jeni chose I Nuovi’s liner and eyeshadow because their product is very pigmented and rather lasting especially if you prime the eyes first and their glitters are very sparkly and glamorous.
Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation Look:
MAC Studio Tech
MAC Studio Finish Concealer
MAC Pressed Powder
MAC Bronzer

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil Deviant
MAC Blue Pigment mixed with Makeup Forever Eye Seal
I Nuovi Fluid Liner Black
MAC Chromaline BlackBlack
MAC Eyeshadows (Carbon especially)
MAC and Emani Pigments (to finish eye and for highlight)
I Nuovi Eyeshadows
Smashbox Bionic Mascara black

MAC Longwear Lipliner Honey B.
MAC Lip Conditioner

Glitters from I Nuovi, MAC, and Emani combined (hair, face, AND body!)
Make Up Artist friend Jeni Chua, who is doing Adam Lambert's Make up for his Glam Nation Tour, is enjoying a night out after a concert...
This is one of Adam Lambert's eye look for his tour ... Great Make up by Jeni Chua for I NUOVI PRO!

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Diet Support: JusMate 5

This is the best Dieting product that i have ever tried. I've only been using it for 2 weeks and i can already see changed, i was in disbelieve but nevertheless happy because i can fit in some of my old clothes better (because before this my clothes were tight around my shoulders and chest. Naturally i was happy and got me new fabrics and off i go to my tailor and she said "wah, you sudah kurus ka? nampak macam u sudah kurang 2 inci kat bahu...1.5 inci kat pinggang and punggung. you buat apa?" that's my tailor saing that i've lost 2 inch around my shoulders and 1.5inch around my waist and butt. I was smiling ear to ear! who wouldn't? right?

To be honest i've tried many slimming products but the results are disappointing regardless of the effort of dieting and exercise you'd somehow maintain the weight instead of loosing it. I was skeptical at first but my best friend sworn by it, she said that she lost 20kg for the last 3 months...i was like 20kg????????really???? TIPU!
then she said if you don't believe me its your lost. i'm not selling you this i was just recommending you to it since you told me that you are struggling with your weight and all. then i paused and wondered for days until i finally decide to invest RM450 for 3boxes of Jus Mate 5 that would last only for a month. You see i weight more than 80kg, so i need to drink 2 sachet a day, morning and night. So 1 box would only last me around 10days.

the product is drink-able, its orange in flavor, its not fibrous (tak kembang bila dibancuh air) but its on the sweet side for me so i tend to put in extra water to dilute the sweetness. When you drink it at first you'll experience:-
  1. frequent visit to toilet to pee, you'll pee like nobody's business! This is good because its extracting your water retention at cellular level.
  2. for me i became a bit windy =p  not sure if this is one of the effects
  3. you'll gradually loose your appetite to eat, in a good way. which means that you'll eat sufficiently and not excessively. i find myself eat lesser than i used to.
  4. your bowel movement will be more smooth and stable ( i jenis yang sembelit slalu so this is good for me)
I will not weight myself just yet, because i want to use this product for at least a month then i'll weight myself and see progress. but mu current weight is more than 80kg waaaaaa~ i'm in the fattest state in my life its horrible!i'm only lucky that i am tall (5'8") i want my pre babies weight which was 65kg...=(

lets just see if this product REALLY works (although so far it seems to be working)...i hope to loose 20kg like my best friend....

Inuovi Make up - Eyeshadow

I used:

Inuovi Eyeshadow:
  1. Pastel Pink in Fairytale
  2. Bronze-ish Brown in Techno
  3. Highlights in pearl
Inuovi Foundation:
  1. Skin Tint in 2 tones : 3Y and 4N
  1. Professional concealer by Makeup Forever
  1. Inuovi Pressed Pigment Blusher, a combo of Dolly and Whisper
  1. Mac, half and half
  2. Lipgloss by Inuovi ultragloss - ice
  1. Maybelline: 
    Volum' Express Turbo Boost® Washable Mascara

its a very do-able make up for an everyday makeup, its sweet and cute look.
i love a combo of pink and brown, don't you?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Membaiki make up yang pecah

Make UP S.O.S : Saving broken makeup (eyeshadows /blusher)

hasilnya...good as new! kesemua eyeshadow di atas telah saya repair all good as new ;)
 click  DISINI untuk klip tutorial

broken eyeshadow is always a messy problem for me. once my eyeshadow palette is broken, i would usually set it aside until forever....might as well throw it away. you know its a situation that you want to throw but feels "argh..that cost me a lot.." then ended up keeping it to rote instead.  

well those days are over! I have found a great way of saving it. Thanx to make up Guru Kandee J. its simple and easy too. I am basically remaking her tutorial except i'm translating in Malay and i also did a slight change from what kandee's tutorial (regarding the material used cotton cloth to plastic wrap) because i feel that its hard to find a good t-shirt cotton fabric laying around unless you cut it from your old t-shirt or something so my alternative to that is plastic wrap and it works just as well! - plus its easier to find
all you need is:
  1. clear plastic or zip lock plastic
  2. broken eyeshadow
  3. alcohol <--- you can buy it from the pharmacy
  4. pencil or tiny spoon
  5. syringe or a dropper
  6. plastic wrap <--kandee uses cotton cloth instead of plastic wrap.
  7. 20cent or any object around that size (coz its the closest size to the individual eyeshadow)

so here's an easy way to save your broken make up. Enjoy the video!

Dalam video nih saya tunjukan cara mudah untuk membaiki makeup yg pecah. setelah selesai kompres/padatkan eyeshadow (last step) biarkan ianya kering selama 24jam atau lebih skit bergantung pada kandungan alkohol yang anda pakai. dalam video ni saya pakai 70% alkohol, kering dalam masa 1 hari...sometimes kalau hari panas separug hari pun dah kering. kaedah ini tak mengganggu pigmen warna eyeshadow langsung! Harap tutorial ini membantu.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

MUSK know

You MASK Know...
Nothing beats tired skin better than a good facial mask. It can act as a skin support system to keep zits at bay, plumping up skin with moisture and even brighten up your skin complexion! But with many many types of choices available in the market, how do you know which is actually suitable for you? Here's some simple explanation of types of masks and what suits your skin type best. Perhaps by the end of the day you could try one out tonight!
I find that shi seido moisture relaxing mask is Great for dry skin like myself. You'll definitely feel your skin more supple and moist after application.

it is usually a moisturizing formula that are generally used to replenish parched skin. It is also excellent for soothing the skin after being out in the sun. The 'cream' or 'gel' base, provides dehydrated skin with a protective barrier so that natural moisture stays in.

Just apply a layer on skin, leave for about 10 minutes. while this type of mask is great on dry skin, its probably too rich for oily complexion and may cause break outs.
Dead Sea or Fuller's Earth mask is the best for oily complexion with large pores.

Highly recommended for oily skin type as the clay/mud helps soak up excess sebum and dirt trapped within pores while they dry. what's more these masks helps tighten skin and stimulate blood circulation.

Splash lukewarm water over face then apply all around the face except around mouth and eyes for oily complexion. but if you have combination skin, apply only on your T-zone. rinsing face before applying mask with lukewarm water will help open the pores, allowing mask to clear up dirt. Rinse off mask after 10 minutes. If you have sensitive skin, it may cause discomfort.

This type of mask helps to speed up skin renewal process as they lifts dead skin cells. You need to apply a thick enough layers to be able to peel it off in one piece and wait for it to completely dry before removing it. this may take around 15-30 minutes. you may feel a pinching sensation while removing the mask as it attaches itself to dead skin cells while it dries, but you should peel it off by rolling the mask downwards starting from forehead.

this is probably the latest type of mask now widely available in the market. i remember (about 10 years ago) that this type of mask was only available for salon use. anyway this is usually a treatment mask that comes pre-soaked in skin essence that to be absorb by the skin. Just unfold the mask and apply accordingly. remove after 10-15 minutes, discard the mask but massage the excess essence to the skin. this type of mask widely available in ranges from whitening to acne use. but i'd limit the time for 10 minutes for acne treatment and probably maximized on hydration treatment.