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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

MUSK know

You MASK Know...
Nothing beats tired skin better than a good facial mask. It can act as a skin support system to keep zits at bay, plumping up skin with moisture and even brighten up your skin complexion! But with many many types of choices available in the market, how do you know which is actually suitable for you? Here's some simple explanation of types of masks and what suits your skin type best. Perhaps by the end of the day you could try one out tonight!
I find that shi seido moisture relaxing mask is Great for dry skin like myself. You'll definitely feel your skin more supple and moist after application.

it is usually a moisturizing formula that are generally used to replenish parched skin. It is also excellent for soothing the skin after being out in the sun. The 'cream' or 'gel' base, provides dehydrated skin with a protective barrier so that natural moisture stays in.

Just apply a layer on skin, leave for about 10 minutes. while this type of mask is great on dry skin, its probably too rich for oily complexion and may cause break outs.
Dead Sea or Fuller's Earth mask is the best for oily complexion with large pores.

Highly recommended for oily skin type as the clay/mud helps soak up excess sebum and dirt trapped within pores while they dry. what's more these masks helps tighten skin and stimulate blood circulation.

Splash lukewarm water over face then apply all around the face except around mouth and eyes for oily complexion. but if you have combination skin, apply only on your T-zone. rinsing face before applying mask with lukewarm water will help open the pores, allowing mask to clear up dirt. Rinse off mask after 10 minutes. If you have sensitive skin, it may cause discomfort.

This type of mask helps to speed up skin renewal process as they lifts dead skin cells. You need to apply a thick enough layers to be able to peel it off in one piece and wait for it to completely dry before removing it. this may take around 15-30 minutes. you may feel a pinching sensation while removing the mask as it attaches itself to dead skin cells while it dries, but you should peel it off by rolling the mask downwards starting from forehead.

this is probably the latest type of mask now widely available in the market. i remember (about 10 years ago) that this type of mask was only available for salon use. anyway this is usually a treatment mask that comes pre-soaked in skin essence that to be absorb by the skin. Just unfold the mask and apply accordingly. remove after 10-15 minutes, discard the mask but massage the excess essence to the skin. this type of mask widely available in ranges from whitening to acne use. but i'd limit the time for 10 minutes for acne treatment and probably maximized on hydration treatment.

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