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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Diet Support: JusMate 5

This is the best Dieting product that i have ever tried. I've only been using it for 2 weeks and i can already see changed, i was in disbelieve but nevertheless happy because i can fit in some of my old clothes better (because before this my clothes were tight around my shoulders and chest. Naturally i was happy and got me new fabrics and off i go to my tailor and she said "wah, you sudah kurus ka? nampak macam u sudah kurang 2 inci kat bahu...1.5 inci kat pinggang and punggung. you buat apa?" that's my tailor saing that i've lost 2 inch around my shoulders and 1.5inch around my waist and butt. I was smiling ear to ear! who wouldn't? right?

To be honest i've tried many slimming products but the results are disappointing regardless of the effort of dieting and exercise you'd somehow maintain the weight instead of loosing it. I was skeptical at first but my best friend sworn by it, she said that she lost 20kg for the last 3 months...i was like 20kg????????really???? TIPU!
then she said if you don't believe me its your lost. i'm not selling you this i was just recommending you to it since you told me that you are struggling with your weight and all. then i paused and wondered for days until i finally decide to invest RM450 for 3boxes of Jus Mate 5 that would last only for a month. You see i weight more than 80kg, so i need to drink 2 sachet a day, morning and night. So 1 box would only last me around 10days.

the product is drink-able, its orange in flavor, its not fibrous (tak kembang bila dibancuh air) but its on the sweet side for me so i tend to put in extra water to dilute the sweetness. When you drink it at first you'll experience:-
  1. frequent visit to toilet to pee, you'll pee like nobody's business! This is good because its extracting your water retention at cellular level.
  2. for me i became a bit windy =p  not sure if this is one of the effects
  3. you'll gradually loose your appetite to eat, in a good way. which means that you'll eat sufficiently and not excessively. i find myself eat lesser than i used to.
  4. your bowel movement will be more smooth and stable ( i jenis yang sembelit slalu so this is good for me)
I will not weight myself just yet, because i want to use this product for at least a month then i'll weight myself and see progress. but mu current weight is more than 80kg waaaaaa~ i'm in the fattest state in my life its horrible!i'm only lucky that i am tall (5'8") i want my pre babies weight which was 65kg...=(

lets just see if this product REALLY works (although so far it seems to be working)...i hope to loose 20kg like my best friend....

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