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Friday, January 28, 2011

Online Makeup Contest

Hi everyone...

Sorry for the long idle, i was not feeling well and was also quite busy with things anyway. We will be having online makeup contest where everyone can enter/submit. Its SUPER EASY to enter. The Contest will be conducted in our FB - The Art of Makeup.

All you need to do is wear your best makeup, snap a beautiful picture and share it with us at our FB (The Art of Makeup). To win, the picture that have the most 'likes' (voted by everybody/visitors) will be the winner!

The winner will win Inuovi Products worth RM500 - and that a lot of makeup!

Contest starts on the 1st Feb and ends on the 14th of Feb

Eazy? Hell yeah! So what are you waiting for? take out your makeup sets and start beautifying yourself and submit to us your pictures.

p/s: To share your picture in our FB, go to add photos on your left panel near 'photos'. But just in case you didn't find it simply email your picture to me at lynnfathil@gmail.com

Monday, January 17, 2011

More Inuovi Makeup look.... the Cleopatra Eyes

in this look i'm using

Litebase Foundation (its a light difusing foundation that its so light and sheer)
Perfector concealor (to cover the undereyes dark circles to perfection)
D36 blus in Astro (its orange for a fresh look)
Browcake in Oak (i love this it comes with wax to keep your brow in place)
Ivoluxe lipstick in Element (very natural looking.its somewhat brown in pinkish undertone)
D27 colors for eyes (its a combo of several colors)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Applying False Eyelases a tutorial by Kandee Johnson

I love Kandee Johnson, she's a Celebrity Makeup artist and she makes the best makeup tutorial ever! i love her, although Michelle Phan and Panache81 does great tutorials too but i love kandee's most. Then i just discover Audfaced, she's fantastic too especially in special effects makeup, look them up in You tube. I'm sure you'll love them too.

Anyway here is Kandee's tutorial on how to apply mascara, listen and watch carefully coz she gives out tips too.

In case you missed her tips:
  1. Bend the fake lashes so that its in shape.
  2. make sure you get the glues on the ends of the lashes (because this part usually is hard to stick)
  3. once applied touch up the lash line with eyeliner, so that it'll look more natural
  4. * you can gently curl up your lashes after applying the false eyelash.
  5. apply mascara gently after applying false lashes so that your lash and the fake lash mashed together (it'll look more natural)
Fake eyelash usually doesn't need any cutting but it depends. Try and see your fake lash, if it fit your eye shape nicely. watch this tutorial below...

I hope that this entry will help you in applying your falsies. This may take you some practice but its worth it coz it'll make your eyes VavaVoom~

Spring Inspired Makeup: Like Flowers we play with colors

Morning Beauties....
I'm having the worst flu ever, i keep sneezing and tearing (watery eyes) its horrible! But lucky for me, i've done the spring inspired makeup last Friday night just before i had this horrible flu. So right now i'm blogging with a sore nasal and watery eyes, therefore i'm gonna be quick.

Since its Spring inspired makeup, i'm using colorful eyeshadow for this look. Its fun to make and fun to wear too.

 For this look i use:-

Inuovi Skin Tint foundation in 3Y
Undercover Concealer for dark circles
Loose Powder 4Y
Cheek Blush in Dolly
Blush D36 in Fairy

D27 Fairytale
D27 moss
Trucolor D30 in Rich Gold
Fixit eye primer
Liquid Pencil in Ebony
ProLash 01

Megelips Velvet Shine in Barely French

*Additional Tip*
Outline upper lip cupid bow with highlights or pencil concealer in lighter tone. this like make the lips look more well defined and highlighted. For a more 3D look, before applying gloss dab a highlight eyeshadow to the middle of your lips (upper and lower, in the middle only) and blend a little.

When i applied the eye makeup i use an eye primer Inuovi Fix it on one side and non on the other. You can see the difference. The eye with Fix it application have a more vibrant eye color.
Fixit is a professional makeup fixative. No mess, no fuss, the perfect solution for anchoring eye and face makeup. FixIt is a professional makeup fixative in a clear, lightweight and quick-drying formula. Composed of Chamomile water, this quick dry formula is non-sticky and oil free. Use with Colours D27, Dust or Glitteratti

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Celeb Inspired look with inuovi - done by smellyocheese or Skin Deco

There's more wonderful makeup tutorial videos done by her in You Tube...
you can look for her You Tube channel smellyocheese. Alternatively you may look for her here

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Makeup look using iNuovi Professional makeup - Tutorial

I'm sorry because of the poor lighting the photos. It has been a really moody and rainy day, I took these pictures in the morning when it was going to rain so i was loosing day light (natural light) very fast, that is much needed for a photo shoot. So i had to turn on the lights later, but non the less i think it turned out great despite the yellow-ish picture (my house has only yellow lights ...)

For Face i use:
Litebase foundation in 4Y
Perfector concealers 3Y and 4Y
loose powder in 4Y


Ivoluxe lipstick in Lush & Blossom
lip definity (lipliner) in bare

For the Eyes i use:
Cat's eye
(yeah i know whole lotta eye colors, buts its all about blending and layering ^_^)
Liquid pencil in ebony
browcake in taupe

Prolash 08

 the difference that it makes with and with out pro lash.
i was using pro lash 08.

_______________________________________ .............
ok i did this 'diagram' on how to get the look and mark numbers on areas to apply the eyeshadow. Its not perfect, but i hope you get the picture.

Before you start to apply any eye makeup, i suggest you use eyebase/primer first. This way you'll get the true color of the eyeshadow and helps to prevent creasing. Apply eye base after foundation.
  • Area 1: is the area that you would want to apply highlights. Apply Crystalline in area 1, this area is on and above brow bone. Its the bony area area of the eyes. Apply this right up to the inner corner of the eyes.
  • Area 2: is the area that i want to start to layer, i use fairytale or any pastel pink hue will do. Pink is a beautiful combo with green, its unusual but its beautiful! besides i want to soften the look other wise your eyes will look too engaging ^_^. Blend Fairytale on the crease just below the brow bone.
  • Area 5: I only mark it near the inner corner but its actually the whole eyelid. apply the lightest green shade - Suede on the entire eye lid, blend it towards the outer corner eyelid (according to your eye shape) blend it upwards. Also apply it at the rims of your eyes, below your water line.
  • Area 4: Center of eyelids. Apply a similar eye color but more intense, in this care is Moss. Apply to the center of eyelids, blend outwards to the outer corner of the yes. Then layer it also below your eyes below waterline.
  • Area 3: Its the outer corner of the eye and its where you want to start creating depth. Use the darkes shade of green, I'm using Cat's eye. This color is brilliant in creating smokey eyes effect as it has dark almost black under tone to it but you can still see the green, its A Mazing! anyway, just dap a little of it, dust it off a little once you dab (this will minimize mistake) then apply on the outer corner of the eyes, from the diagram, area 3 is actually overlapping on area 2, 3, 6., its like C shape, apply starting on 3 then blend it to 6 then 2, with the excess of the application. This will create the smokey effect.
  • Use clean blending brush to blend everything out. Then use a flat liner brush to line your eyes with Cat's eye as close to the lash as possible and around the rim of the eyes. then blend a little, up wards /out wards.
  • Area 1.1: Lastly inner corner of the eyes near the tear ducts. Apply a dab of Crystaline. this will give you a more open & bright eye look.
and we are done! I hope that you understand my explanation and walk through. Any question pleas ask or just comment, we LOVE comments!

p/s: I'll try and do a better instruction with step by step picture next time.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Color POP: 2011 Spring/Summer Makeup Trend

 Color Pop is seem to be the trend for this spring/summer makeup trend. Color pop is statement making colors that are bold and beautiful just like the butterflies in Spring time. Beautiful colorful shades and bold lips, glitters and electric eyeliner is what has been featured in Fashion Week and will surely live into the Spring/Summer 2011 season. Dior is sporting the colorful bold look...

For this Entry I've recreated a look sampled from Malaysian's Women Weekly January 2011 issue using iNuovi makeup line.

For this look I used:-

iNuovi Litebase: Light Diffusing Liquid Foundation in 4Y
iNuovi Concealer: Perfector in 3Y and 4Y
iNuovi loose Powder in 4Y

For Eyes:
iNUovi D27 Eyeshadow in Plasma
iNuovi D27 Eyeshadow in Mayonise (for highlights and outline rim of eyes and near tear duct )
iNuovi Liquid Pencil Eyeliner in Ebony
iNuovi Illusionist Mascara in Jet Black
iNuovi Browcake in Oak

Blush: (a combo of)
iNuovi Colours D36 in Entice and Fairy

Lips: (i did a mixture of to get that orangy red hue )
iNuovi Ivoluxe Lipstick in Apricot, Shock and Doll

I have to admit though the lighting is horrible, i did this look in the middle of the night when all of my kids are asleep (no interruptions) hence the bad lighting and low quality pictures.For better picture quality i need loads of natural lights.

anyway i think i did great on recreating the look, don't you think? please leave me a comment, your comment are very welcome here!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

In a set of 3: i Nuovi D27 Eyeshadow SALE!!

BUY 3 INuovi D27 eyeshadows 
at ONLY RM95!
-Offer is for limited time only-
Market Price at SASA is RM114 (for 3 D27 eyeshadow)
 the above is from my private collection, all sold items are NEW & in GOOD condition. The picture is to show you roughly how the eyeshadow is.
Fantasy color is almost pastel, it a very pigmented light blue as for Plasma is basically blue with green under tone..somewhat like turquoise. Hype is like a cobalt blue or oreo blue. I personally love this shade, in the plate it looks intense but its not all that bad look at the swatches..it came out nice and very pigmented too! as for Fairytale it is a pastel pink with i think there's orange (more like peachy) under tone to it its lovely and sweet.
i did one with this shade (fairytale) i coupled it with techno (brown), as you can see in the picture i apply fairytale at the corner of my eyes near my tear duct for that open fresh eyed look. i love it...i love fairytale its so sweet and cute, you can just wear as it is and put eyeliner and mascara to finish and you'll look lovely just like that!

 Here are some of my favorite greens and again these are from my private collection just for your viewing. If you like you can buy them (brand new, mind you) too or any colors for that matter just choose which colors you like.
Suede is the lightest color here. It can be use as highlight on your brow bone. Moss color is like moss...or olive tone but when apply it has that velvety look and when look closer it is like there's gold somewhere in there...and Cat's Eye is the darkest tone here it has black under tone with shimmery green glitters to it. its gorgeous...perfect for a smokey eye look, if you want more dimension you can simply layer it with moss and suede.

Read about product reviews by other bloggers here
Net Weight : 1
How to buy?
  1. you choose your color hare or may browse INuovi Official website to see their color selections (We have most of the colors)
  2. then get the product codes!!
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  4. Should you have any questions, please fill in our inquiry from on the side panel of this post. Any questions, Ask 1st before you buy! or you can simply write in comments, leave us your email add and we will reply you ASAP.
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Celebs & i Nuovi

Spotted Cheryl Hines wore i Nuovi for her Emmys 2010 look...she look gorgeous as ever,

This is just a video to show you how gorgeous she look with that stunning dress and flawless makeup!
Make Up Artist Natalie Miller used I NUOVI PRO on Cheryl's gorgeous face!! i love her eye, there's just the right amount of purple-ish blue right in the center of her lids...its so pretty, Natalie is a genius blending all those colors..
she look fresh, pretty and sweet all at the same time.  This is definitely a great look for a glamorous night out. Adam Lambert, Cheryl is not the only celebs that loves i Nuovi...Tori Spelling loves them too and apparently she's a long time fan of i Nuovi.