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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Applying False Eyelases a tutorial by Kandee Johnson

I love Kandee Johnson, she's a Celebrity Makeup artist and she makes the best makeup tutorial ever! i love her, although Michelle Phan and Panache81 does great tutorials too but i love kandee's most. Then i just discover Audfaced, she's fantastic too especially in special effects makeup, look them up in You tube. I'm sure you'll love them too.

Anyway here is Kandee's tutorial on how to apply mascara, listen and watch carefully coz she gives out tips too.

In case you missed her tips:
  1. Bend the fake lashes so that its in shape.
  2. make sure you get the glues on the ends of the lashes (because this part usually is hard to stick)
  3. once applied touch up the lash line with eyeliner, so that it'll look more natural
  4. * you can gently curl up your lashes after applying the false eyelash.
  5. apply mascara gently after applying false lashes so that your lash and the fake lash mashed together (it'll look more natural)
Fake eyelash usually doesn't need any cutting but it depends. Try and see your fake lash, if it fit your eye shape nicely. watch this tutorial below...

I hope that this entry will help you in applying your falsies. This may take you some practice but its worth it coz it'll make your eyes VavaVoom~

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