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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Make UP S.O.S : Saving broken makeup (eyeshadows /blusher)

hasilnya...good as new! kesemua eyeshadow di atas telah saya repair all good as new ;)
 click  DISINI untuk klip tutorial

broken eyeshadow is always a messy problem for me. once my eyeshadow palette is broken, i would usually set it aside until forever....might as well throw it away. you know its a situation that you want to throw but feels "argh..that cost me a lot.." then ended up keeping it to rote instead.  

well those days are over! I have found a great way of saving it. Thanx to make up Guru Kandee J. its simple and easy too. I am basically remaking her tutorial except i'm translating in Malay and i also did a slight change from what kandee's tutorial (regarding the material used cotton cloth to plastic wrap) because i feel that its hard to find a good t-shirt cotton fabric laying around unless you cut it from your old t-shirt or something so my alternative to that is plastic wrap and it works just as well! - plus its easier to find
all you need is:
  1. clear plastic or zip lock plastic
  2. broken eyeshadow
  3. alcohol <--- you can buy it from the pharmacy
  4. pencil or tiny spoon
  5. syringe or a dropper
  6. plastic wrap <--kandee uses cotton cloth instead of plastic wrap.
  7. 20cent or any object around that size (coz its the closest size to the individual eyeshadow)

so here's an easy way to save your broken make up. Enjoy the video!

Dalam video nih saya tunjukan cara mudah untuk membaiki makeup yg pecah. setelah selesai kompres/padatkan eyeshadow (last step) biarkan ianya kering selama 24jam atau lebih skit bergantung pada kandungan alkohol yang anda pakai. dalam video ni saya pakai 70% alkohol, kering dalam masa 1 hari...sometimes kalau hari panas separug hari pun dah kering. kaedah ini tak mengganggu pigmen warna eyeshadow langsung! Harap tutorial ini membantu.

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