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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

True Spa

Last week my sister and i went to True Spa for a relaxing aromatherapy massage. With that package we got a FOC foot spa. well we got to choose either a jacuzzi bath or the foot spa we chose the later.

The treatment was great, the used excellent massage techniques, we fell asleep through out the treatment. only that the product used was aromatically weak, which defeat the 'aromatherapy' purpose, you get what i mean?

They have great facility from swimming pool to manis and paddys, spas...i'm not sure if they had facial treatment.

True Spa is located at the 4th floor of Jaya 33. I did some searching (online) and i notice a lot of negative sentiment mostly due to difficulties on getting a spot / appointment but we find that it is not the case. we never....well at least for now had any problem on setting on our appointment dates so i guess its just a lousy luck then?

btw this is not a paid endorsement just a mere show and tell (hence the lack of info of the establishment)
The waiting area

This was where we got our complimentary foot spa....arghhhh its been a long time that our feet got some pampering.

mind the ugly leg =p...my feet,foot, legs was so happy with the spa treatment. i mean so doesn't...the relaxing massage and all ^_^
heeheheh can you see the smile on my feet? =p

The spa room where we had our aromatherapy massage. We didn't get to use the shower nor the jacuzzi coz its was not apart of our package, booohooo~ but we enjoyed the relaxing massage

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